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Welcome to the World of Nephanor’s Renderings!  This site will showcase some of Nephanor’s artwork, as well as give news about Ambient Dimension, and have information for his patrons on things like patron only images, or even contests and polls when more patrons actually sign up!  Looking to see all the art?  You need to become a patron!  Click on the Patreon link on the side and choose a level of at least $5 to start seeing everything, and give you a chance to choose what is rendered!

Where I get my Models

If you wish to have a specific theme or look for a commission render I do, it helps to know what I have and where I get it from. Here is a list of the major sites I use.

For starters, the main figures I use are Victoria 4 and Dawn for female, and Michael 4 and Dusk for male. Dusk and Dawn have a very limited selection, so it is best to stick with V4 & M4. Many things that I have for them are on http://www.daz3d.com/ I prefer not to shop there anymore, as I do not like how they treat customers who do not use their rendering software, which I do not. The main places I get products from are http://www.renderosity.com/ , http://www.runtimedna.com/ , and http://www.renderotica.com/ . There are others, but I do not remember them all. If you wish to have something from these sites used, please let me know what, and if I have it already, I will use it. If it is something that I need, then I will need to be gifted it in order to use it for a render.