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Hi! So nice of you to visit my profile here on AD! :)

About my renders.
I use my renders as some kind of therapy. At my age (no, not going to tell you what my age is) it is difficult to express my feminine sensuality and inner feelings, so I pour those into my images. In fact, you can learn a great deal about me by just watching them. My spirit is still young of heart, and so are my fantasies and desires.

It's no secret that I love high heels and stockings. You should see the collection I have IRL, but sadly enough, I cannot wear high heels anymore due to a damaged nerve in my foot, so the girls in my renders do that for me.

About AD.
What I love about this site, is that a user can set in detail what he/she does and does not want to see. This means I can post renders that are more erotic of nature without offending anyone. :)

I do have 'my moments' when I render more intimate and sexual explicit images. Humans are sexual beings by nature, and I am no exception to that.
I never felt like I could post them anywhere, and mostly I deleted them after a while from my hard disk. Here on AD I have a platform to post them, and hopefully you guys like them too.. :)

Charley :)
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