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Gender: Female Occupation: 3D Digital Artist Location: Central New York
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I am a 3D Artist. All of the creations on this website are imagined by me. I specialize in depicting the beauty of the female persona. My specialty is in showing this beauty with Glam-our, Lingerie and Nude.

Find out what makes my females different!

I was a photographer by trade and specialized in Glam-our, Lingerie and Nude studies. I feel that the beauty of a female can be very provocative as long as she is not portrayed as lewd in a sexual manner. None of my work entails sexual acts of any kind and all of my ladies are created to be 18 years or older; meaning that my website does not infer child exploitation. It is to be understood that none of the ladies shown on this website are created from any real human female; all are computer generated from a likeness of many female attributes. If there is any likeness to a human female, it is pure coincidental

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